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Via your television set

Some 24 million viewers, in over 12 million homes, can directly receive Information TV in the UK. There are no charges, nor is any registration required. No internet connection is required.

Information TV operates  several Digital Television Services. They are broadcast by satellite, and available throughout the UK as “free-to-air” channels, accessible by all who have access to the Sky or Freesat digital satellite platforms. Our channels are accessible regardless of which Sky subscription is taken by the viewer. They are also accessible by those who have terminated their Sky subscriptions, retaining only the “Free to Air” channels. All our channels can also be received throughout Western and much of Central Europe, with a satellite dish and receiver pointing to the Eutelsat 28A/Eurobird 1 satellite. There are estimated to be over 50 Million satellite viewing homes in Europe.

To find our channels on Sky and Freesat, go to:

Sky Digital:  Information TV (Channel 212), Showcase (Channel 192), Irish TV (Channel 191) and RT (Russia Today) on Channel 512. 

Freesat: Information TV is Channel 401, Showcase Channel 402, Irish TV Channel 400 and  RT Channel 206.  RT is also on Freeview, Channel 85.

The Information TV and Showcase programme schedules are listed on both the Freesat and the SkyTM  Electronic Programme Guides, and all the normal Digibox  facilities are available -  programme synopses, reminder setting, recording (with SkyPlusTM), adding to “my favourite channels” and so on. Some programmes may carry subtitles or non-English language audio.

Information TV and Showcase are also available on Freeview via VisionTV on channel 244.


Throughout most of Europe, our programmes can be received via any satellite equipment pointing at the Astra/Eurobird complex at 28.2E.

Our Channels are on the satellites Eutelsat 28A, Astra 1N/2A/2F

Information TV (Sky 212, Freesat 401)
Frequency 11.344 Horizontal, FEC 2/3, Symbol Rate 27500, Service ID 53230

Showcase (Sky 192, Freesat 402 )

Frequency 11.344 Horizontal, FEC 2/3, Symbol Rate 27500, Service ID 53285

Irish TV (Sky 191, Freesat 400)
Frequency 11.344 Horizontal, FEC 2/3, Symbol Rate 27500, Service ID 53280

RT (formerly Russia Today) We look after technical distribution for RT in the UK.
RT SD:(Sky 512, Freesat 206, Freeview 85) Frequency 12.610 Vertical, FEC 5/6, Symbol Rate 22000, Service ID 50847
RT HD: (Sky 518, Freesat 206) Frequency 11.244 Vertical, Symbol Rate 27500,  Service ID 53148
RT Doc: (via red button on Freeview 85 only, with compatible equipment)

Via the internet

For broadband users throughout the world, all our channels can also be viewed live via web simulcast.  See the 'Watch Live' links on our home page. There is no charge for viewing our programmes. The web streams are available in Flash, Windows Media Player or Microsoft Silverlight (all free). To receive our simulcasts, you must have a broadband connection capable of supporting > 400Kbps. If the broadcasts "stutter" and are interrupted, it is likely that your connection is not fast enough to keep up!  In this case, you should close all other web-connected programmes, which might "steal" bandwidth, while watching our programmes.

For further info, please see also our FAQ section on this service.

Future plans

Information TV will be adding more channels for our clients as well as exploiting technological advances to bring our content to more homes.

2014 will see the company launching IP based platforms to reach the homes that do not have SKY or Freesat access. For the viewer this is menu driven access via Freeview/DTT to channels delivered via the internet. The ubiquity of Freeview with the cost of IPTV.

Help us to help you

We invite you to register your interests here on the website, and we will then alert you by email to forthcoming programmes which match your selected fields of interest.

Most Information TV programmes will be repeated at several times of the day, to allow viewers a choice of viewing time. Some programmes will be regularly repeated over weeks or months, providing important information to a changing audience.

("Sky", and "SkyPlus" are trademarks of British Sky Broadcasting.)

Quiz The Nation

Quiz the Nation is a brand new interactive quiz format from the team which brought you The Krypton Factor. It will be on screens every Sunday night from mid January 2015.

Words Of Peace

Prem Rawat speaks to people around the world about finding inner peace and contentment.

The Caravan Channel

Europe’s original, continuous TV series about Caravans, Campsites and the Caravanning lifestyle. Mondays 8pm, Wednesdays 5pm, Thursdays 5:30 am, Saturdays & Sundays 10:30 am on Showcase 2 (Sky 192, Freesat 402).

Irish TV

Irish TV is Ireland’s newest and most exciting live digital media platform. Broadcasting 24 hours a day on SKY 191/Freesat 400, is all about connecting Irish communities all over the world and bolstering Irish businesses everywhere. Irish TV promotes Ireland as a wonderful place to live in, to do business and to visit.

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